Who is the analyst in Lacanian, Ego-Object relations and Self psychological approaches

December 5, 2017
Presenters: David Lichtenstein, Andrew Lotterman Jeff Halpern
Interviews by Diana Moga and Elhav Weinstein

This panel will focus on how an object relations analyst, self psychologist and Lacanian psychoanalyst differ as the one who occupies the analytic object for the patient. Psychoanalysis has progressively come to favor similarities, blurring differences among various psychoanalytic schools of thought despite the conflictual debates among their predecessors. In this panel, by asking specific questions about each presenter’s work, Diana Moga and Elhav Weinstein will focus on delineating the differences among these theoretical approaches. Clinical material will be presented by way of illustration.

David Lichtenstein is a psychoanalyst in private practice in New York City and a member of the faculty at CUNY Graduate Center, the New School University, a co-founder, faculty member, and supervisor at Apres-Coup Psychoanalytic Association in New York. He is the editor of Division/Review: A Quarterly Psychoanalytic Forum, author of numerous articles and book chapters and the co-editor of The “Lacan Tradition” published by Karnac in 2017.

Dr. Andrew Lotterman is a training and supervising Psychoanalyst at the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center in private practice in New York City. In addition to psychoanalysis, he has a specialty in the psychotherapy of schizophrenic patients. Among his numerous presentations and publications, Dr Lotterman published a book entitled Specific Techniques for the Psychotherapy of Schizophrenic Patients by International Universities Press in 1996.

Dr Jeff Halpern is a training and supervising analyst at the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. He is Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. He teaches, supervises and practices in New York City.

Learning Objectives: After the lecture the participant should be able to

  • Conceptualize basic psychoanalytic notions such as the unconscious, the self, what constitutes therapeutic action, the nature of trauma, the work of interpretation, and the role of the analytic relationship.
  • Delineate main differences in theory and technique between a lacanian, an object relations and self psychological approach.

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE INFORMATION FOR ALL LEARNERS: None of the planners and presenters of this CME program have any relevant financial information to disclose.