The International Psychoanalytic Scholar Lectureship

The Lecturship is sponsored by the APM in collaboration with the Columbia Psychoanalytic Center. This event (formerly the Andre B. Ballard Lectureship) is entirely financed by the APM membership’s voluntary contributions, and is held every three years.

A distinguished international psychoanalytic scholar gives a formal evening lecture open to all members and the public, a seminar for candidates at the Center, and two or three seminars for APM members and faculty, over a period of several days.

Herbert Rosenfeld, M.D. – 1981
Leon Grinberg, M.D. – 1982
Joyce McDougall, Ed.D. – 1984
Janine Chasseguet-Smirgel, M.D. – 1984
Joseph Sandler, M.D. – 1985
Prof. Patrick Mahony – 1989
Betty Joseph – 1990
Dr. Horacio Etchegoyen – 1993
Dr. Raquel Zak de Goldstein – 1994
Dr. Andre Green — 1995
Dr. John Steiner –1999
Ronald Britton – 2003
Helmut Thomae – 2005
Antonino Ferro – 2008
Marilia Asienstein – 2012