The Abram Kardiner Lectureship

In 1978 the Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine established the Abram Kardiner Lectureship on Psychoanalysis and Culture in recognition of Dr. Kardiners’ role as an internationally respected pioneer in the application of psychoanalysis to the study of culture. Dr. Kardiner was one of the founders of the APM and of the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. The Kardiner Lectureship is awarded periodically by the APM for a distinguished contribution to the applications of psychoanalytic understanding to the study of culture. The lectureship confers special recognition to other distinguished contributors in this area and will encourage further efforts of excellence on the interdisciplinary path where Dr. Kardiner dedicated so much of his professional effort. The lecturer is chosen from those who have significantly furthered knowledge knowledge in the social sciences and humanities through the application of psychoanalytic understanding or who, if not specifically applying a psychoanalytic approach, have nevertheless made outstanding contributions having special revelance to psychoanalysis.

Professor Steven Marcus – 1979
William Goldfarb, M.D. – 1982
George Vaillant, M.D. – 1984
Vincent Crapanzano, Ph.D. – 1987
L. Bryce Boyer, M.D. – 1989
Bennett Simon, M.D. – 1991
Richard Kuhns, Ph.D. – 1993
Daniel Freeman – 1997
Prof. Sudhir Kakar — 2002
Akeel Bilgram, Ph.D. – 2007
Eric Laurent, PhD. — 2011
Michael Taussig Ph.D. – 2016