Unmasked: Frame Alterations during the Time of Covid and Other Plagues

Unmasked: Personal Transformations, Frame Alterations and Making the Conscious Unconscious During the Traumatic Times of the Covid and Other Plagues

Presenter: Tony Bass, Ph.D.
Discussant: Natasha Chriss, M.D. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at 8PM

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As we approach the third year of living and working in the shadow of COVID-19, Anthony Bass will discuss some of the paradoxes, challenges, and opportunities we have faced in these treacherous COVID times. We all, patients and analysts alike, have faced great strains and threats to our physical and mental well-being that have forced changes in our ways of living, working, relating, and being that have radically transformed our ways of working with our patients and our analysts. Some of these changes will be part of our history, others part of our future.

These changes have forced us to reconsider some aspects of the frame or our work that we have taken for granted for all our professional lives. In this presentation, Dr. Bass will consider what we have learned about ourselves, our patients, and the nature of our work as we have negotiated the challenges that COVID and other plagues have wrought. His paper presentation will be followed by a conversation with Dr. Natasha Chriss about the light that our challenges have shed on our work as we make decisions about returning to work with our patients in our offices. How will our experiences of the last three years change our sense of doing psychoanalytic work as we move forward into an increasingly uncertain future?


Anthony Bass, Ph.D. is on the faculty and is a training and supervising analyst at the Columbia University Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. He is an associate professor and clinical consultant (supervising analyst) at the NYU Postdoctoral Program for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy. He is an editor emeritus of Psychoanalytic Dialogues, the International Journal of Relational Perspectives, and the founder and president of the Stephen Mitchell Relational Study Center.


Natasha Chriss, M.D. is a training and supervising analyst at Columbia Psychoanalytic Center and Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell, where she teaches and supervises psychiatry residents. She is in private practice in New York City.

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