The Donald I. and Helen C. Meyers Award

The Meyers Award is given at the annual business meeting to a member of the Association for Psychoanalytic Medicine for extraordinary service to the organization. The Meyers Award is named for Donald I. and Helen C. Meyers, in recognition of their dedication to the APM.

2007 — Helen and Don Meyers, M.D.
2008 — Henry Schwartz, M.D.
2009 — George Sagi, M.D.
2010 — Burt Lerner, M.D.
2011 — Larry Jacobsberg, M.D.
2013 — Ted Kenny, M.D.
2014 — Bonnie Kaufman, Ph.D.
2015 — Harvey Chertoff, M.D.
2016 — Lila Kalinich, M.D.
2017 — Juliette Meyer, Ph.D.